Books of the Bible

9:30, Classroom 4

Leader: Don Argus

An Inductive Bible Study of books of the Bible beginning with Romans. The class format will be combination of lecture/discussion. The class will start with a presentation (possibly with a video) and then a discussion period. Partially based on discussion questions provided. We will use various resources.

bible 2.jpg

Walking through the Bible

9:30, Classroom 5

Leader: Mary Lou Hinzpeter

Class participants will receive materials for the following weeks as well as the video's for those lessons. All this can be accomplished through internet media, however, there may be members in the group who do not use computers. If needed, printed material may be available for lessons and arraignments can be made to view the videos as needed. Individual DVD players may be available during the week at the church.


Growing in Faith Together (GIFT)

11:00, Classroom 6

Leader: Glenn and Laurie Dennison

The GIFT Group will focus on growing our faith through video-based learning and guided discussion. There may be some limited reading from time to time. While all topics and concepts will have a direct connection with the Bible this class is not intend to be a Bible Study experience. You might think of this group as a hybrid between a small Faith Group and a Bible Study Class. There are no plans for lectures. The class will learn and grow through listening and facilitated discussion on a focused topic that will change every few weeks.

**Class is Currently Full